Description of business

ENGI Co, Ltd. has established Hybrid Digital animation production studio “ENGI” under major enterprises; KADOKAWA CORPORATION with abundant intellectual property (IP) contents mainly in publication, Sammy Corporation which has produced numerous innovative game machines based on animation and manga, and Ultra Super Pictures Co, Ltd.which has a large number of distinctive animation production studios.

Studio ENGI will always challenge the creation of innovative contents with new technology and spread the great quality of Japanese animation to the world.

Main Businesses

・Producing Animation (TV series, Movies, Promotion Videos, etc.)
・Producing Video Games (Video Games, Slot Machines, etc)
※ We also take the outside business for character designing, background arts, 3DCG modeling, rigging, VFX, etc.


Nowadays, everything is globalized such as AI, robot technology, and international communication. Among them, Japanese animation industry is also expected the innovations, and we ENGI is willing to confront the rough but challenging era of new animation industry.

ENGI will be the studio to make the evolution of the animation industry and will promise showing you the various innovative animations to the world, so please stay tuned for our upcoming work.

CEO, Tohru Kajio