We will take on the challenge of creating content
using new visual expressions
that make full use of the latest technology.

ENGI is a Japan-based animation production company established to
bring "innovation" to the global animation market.
We are backed by KADOKAWA, one of Japan's leading IP holders, Sammy Corporation,
which has produced innovative machines based on anime cartoons, and Ultra Super Pictures,
which has under the jurisdiction of many anime production studios.
In the future, we will continue to seek partnerships with various companies in Japan
and overseas, based on the cooperation with the above three companies to create "Graphic"
that will touch the hearts of people around the world.


社名 株式会社ENGI(ENtertainment Graphic Innovation)
設立 2018年4月4日
営業開始日 2018年6月1日
資本金 100,000,000円
役員 代表取締役社長 吉岡 宏起

取締役 菊池 剛

取締役 田村 淳一郎

取締役 川島 誠一

取締役 德村 憲一

取締役 安藤 圭一

監査役 河合 秀樹

顧問  梶尾 徹

顧問  松浦 裕暁
営業種目 アニメーション制作事業全般